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Theta and DPL2???

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I heard that Dolby is offering the software upgrade to owners of the rights to the original dolby pro-logic code for free.

Everyone has the original on there equipment.

I was really just wondering if any of the Theta owners out there had any news of this?

From what I understand DPL2 is only 5 channels so the upgrade seems like it should be relatively simple.

I've been hearing rumors about the Casa Nova 2 upgrade I know it should offer DTS-ES and 6.1 24/96 circle surround. Will it offer DPL2 also?

Should be nice to see how Theta handles all the upgrades of different 6 & 7 channel modes. Will they pick and choose? We know that THX-EX will never be an option. Thats okay with me to be honest but The 6 channel matrix for DD and the other formats mentioned earlier would be nice to see!


Theta owners what do YOU think?
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Sounds like another internet fact to me...


Buzz Goddard
I have no interest in THX-EX using dual mono rears. Meridian is using dual mono rears and that doesn't cut it.

I'm interested in a discrete rear center channel that was designed for a single speaker in the rear center position... until then ... (THX-EX is simply a downgrade for Meridian owners...) Discrete 6.1 all the way!

Its all rumors. If Theta has anything in the works, it'll be announced at CES. And Theta and other high end companies aren't going to give you DPL2 for free just because you have DPL, because it costs them $$$ to program sofware revisions and any hardware revisions, shipping, etc. Dream on!

I believe Theta will have DPL2 at some point, but it may be 2-3 years down the road, as Theta now has Circle Surround. Look how slow Theta was in implementing 96/24 for the Casablanca? (and I luv Theta, just being a realist).


Steve Bruzonsky
I'm not saying the customers of Theta get the software free, I'm saying that I heard Dolby's existing pro-logic customers i.e. Theta and many others would have the program offered for free.

Buzz is right it's probably just a rumor about the free licensing.

Health Nut,

Note that the Theta Casablanca 2 offers a single, discrete center surround channel for enabling 6.1 or 8.1 surround. They did not go the THX EX route, which I agree is an odd arrangement.

I'm confused. How can you have a single discrete center surround channel that adds both 6.1 and 8.1?


Casablanca II supports sides and rears for the surround channels. So you can have either the standard 5.1 or 7.1 arrangements, plus a discrete center rear. Casablanca II supports up to 12 channels. If you omit the center rear you can have up to 5 subs!

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