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They Shall Not Grow Old on HBO

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Over the years I have watched TV and films dealing with the "The Great War" aka WW1. They Shall Not Grow Old starts off with a British Army in training and then on the front line. Visually it was the the usual B&W jumpy vintage film look, however before long colorization was "turned on" and it looked fabulous, plus the jumpy movements were gone. It was like night and day. In color it didn't look like something that happened over 100 years ago. Highly recommended.
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It was even more impressive in 3-D in theaters.
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I saw it on PPV a couple months ago. Peter Jackson did a wonderful job on this project. The fact that he went back and got actual interviews from veterans from years ago is fantastic. When the colour kicks in ... all I can say is wow! You can almost taste the mud. One the the best First World War documentary films I have seen.
Thanks for posting. Great production and all the dialogue are quotes from actual WW I veterans. The transition from 'let's get the Germans', to the brutal reality of that war, to the realization at the end that the German soldiers were young men just like themselves, put in an impossible position, and not really "enemies" at all. Also, the less than warm reception in England to the soldiers returning from war was tough to see.
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