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Thiel SW1 (=SS2) Subwoofer (1000 watts, two 10" woofers) + free PX05 Crossover!

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This is my personal sub and this one is in excellent sonic condition, and good or VG cosmetic condition. It was in a cabinet for a while, so there are a couple of small blemishes from the cabinet.

I'm selling because I need something smaller/dual placement options -- and I cannot accord a second SW1/SS2. Sad but true.

Original MSRP was $4800. Average used price on Audiogon is $2672, and all sales in the bluebook from 2008 to now have been over $2k. Bluebook on the PX-05 is $328. So you are getting a $3k value for half that. (Or when compared with the original price, you are getting more than a 70% discount.)

You will find many excellent reviews of the SW-1 but you can also look at reviews of the SS-2. This is the performance equivalent of the Thiel SS2 subwoofer -- just a different model number. Why? Thiel offered only one sub in their lineup at this "ideal" size initially. Then they introduced smaller cheaper subs and one larger sub, so the SW1 got rechristened the SS2 -- bigger and better than the SS1, and not as insane as the SS3.

BUT at 1000 watts with dual 10" drivers, and weighing 100 pounds, this thing is pretty insane. And crazy accurate -- I htink more so that even a JL Audio F113 sub, which is what I had before it. This was the upgrade to the JL Audio sub.

And it's a great deal compared with a new SS2.

According to Jim Thiel, the primary goal for the SW1 was the ability to interface with the room and your speakers in a way that generates the smoothest, deepest bass.

Thiel accomplished this goal through the development of what the company refers to as SmartSub technology. The user enters information about the main loudspeakers and the room, and the SmartSub processing configures the subwoofer's acoustic response.

This limits the interaction of the subwoofer with the room's boundaries and blends it perfectly with the other loudspeakers in the system. The SW1 sports two long-excursion 10" drivers, and a 1000W switch-mode power amplifier.

frequency response: 20-300 Hz (±3dB)

acoustic output: up to 105dB @ 20Hz, 112dB @ 30Hz

weight: 100 lbs!

Meet my asking price or be very persuasive, and I'll include the Thiel PX05 Crossover!

Yes I still have the original boxes but NO I will not ship. In person sale only.

Local Silicon Valley Sale.
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Updated with a free Thiel crossover. That's a $400 value, as a free bonus. (It is set up for Thiel 1.6 speakers but Thiel can adjust for other mains in their line.)
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