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I've been dabbling (okay, it's an addiction that gets fed semi-regularly!) with a home theater for a while. And now that i have my own home, and i set up a makeshift theater in the unfinished basement until money settled and i could afford to do things.

That being said, besides sound treatments to an unfinished area (it's about 8-12 months before i start framing due to tax stuff going on with my home), i'm noticing that my pioneer 1017 shows amp tiredness. After about an hour of watching a movie for instance, it doesn't seem as punchy or lively. It's not a heat issue as the receiver sits in free air on a shelf. It's kept pretty clean (pet hair is always an issue) and is only slightly warm to the touch.

I'm wondering if i shouldn't either look at external amps or a new receiver? I do have some marginally power hungry speakers. Eosone RSF1000's for L/R (70-80w RMS and the RSF350 (40-50w rms) for the center. The surrounds are JBL monitor 2's (40w rms) (7.1 setup) Since the basement is unfinished, wiring now is always an option. I wonder if my wire runs aren't too long with too small a wire? (16ga) Furthest run is ~50ft up/down walls and through rafters. Would moving to a 12ga wire help me out here? (i'm sure it can't hurt for future upgrades...)

I do have a fleet of 2ch pro amps from a renovation at a hockey arena a few years ago, but i'm unsure of their caliber. (AB international... a bunch of 400w and a few 900w) Unfortunately i've never found a spec sheet for them, and i think the Emotiva line just looks a little better for WAF vs racking 4 2ch amps. (with no trigger inputs either)

Ideas? Thoughts?
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