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Okay, I'm sure someone must wonder why i would lose my CRT and go with an LCD or DLP instead, and here's what I'm thinking:

1) I have a Sony 1252q CRT and the sucker is huge. Currently I have a relatively small HT with low ceilings, and simply put the 1252 dominates the room. I want something smaller, maybe something I could recess into the ceiling (in space between joists).

2) The sony is simply too loud- the fans are driving me batty- I sit right next to the projector and it's just not working for me.

3) I realized I'm not that picky. I know, I really wish I was, but a decent quality image is all I'm seeking. The CRT looks good to me, but I'm sure I'd not notice much of a black-level difference.

4) My current screen size is really pretty small- it's a 70 inch wide 16x9 screen sitting about 7-8 feet away so I think some of the major flaws of LCD/DLP technologies would be less visable

5) Was planning to hold onto the CRT for future use, but it looks like I'll be in the current house for another 2-3 years and I dunno if I can live with the space the Sony takes up in my small room.

So I was thinking about trying to sell my Sony CRT locally (I think I could get a few bucks more than it is "worth" from one of the Frat houses locally if I install it for them).

So would anyone have any suggestion of a decent quality LCD or DLP that I could find for say under $3500? I'm willing to buy used or B-stock, just looking to stretch the dollar as far as I can. I just have NO IDEA what is decent in these types of projectors, or even if a $3000-$3500 budget is worth the time (should I just hold onto the CRT?)

Any advice would be appreciated.

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