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Alright so lets start back a bit. In 2007 I got my first HD DLP Tv which is a hl-s5087. Its been a real trooper for me these last 3 years at times being on nearly 24/7 since I'm pretty sure I have an issue that involves me not being able to sleep without it being on

The only issues it has is that its developed a slight purple edge on the leftmost portion of the screen that's maybe a quarter of an inch thick which is almost impossible to see sitting directly in front of it. That was 2 years ago though and it hasn't gotten any worse.

Anyway I've been thinking about selling it for awhile and hopefully get some money for it while its still worth something. Maybe 450-550 dollars. It obviously needs a new lamp though. Back when I said it was a trooper its because I just checked the lamp life 20 minutes ago and its hit the 15000 hour mark.

For some time I've been wanting to explore the possibility of having some form of mobile television. I go out a lot and the thought of being able to bring a 1080p projector along gets me excited. Most people I know don't own hd televisions or even anything over 40 inches for that mater. So it would be fun to bring over my projector and my ps3 to watch some movies or something. Maybe in the summer I can shoot something onto the side of the house for whatever reason.

So I've come up with a solution at this point which I think will work out well. Since I like to keep the television on a lot I plan on getting a 28 inch hanns-g monitor for 280 dollars to go along with the one I currently use as a pc screen on my desk which I will use to watch tv regularly. Then for special occasions and whatnot I'll have my projector since I'm sure I won't be a third as lucky with lamp life as my tv.

There are a few obvious concerns I have however with the projector. I want to start out with a cheap projector because I don't want to dive in deep and decide this isn't for me. Obviously the hd20 is a option. But the contrast levels and the brightness concern me a bit. Also this projector is getting near 6 months old so and a new generation could appear soon and resolve this a bit for the same price so maybe I should a bit. Are there any other projectors out there maybe in the 1200-1500 range that would offer a noticeable improvement. I was thinking I might be able to find a refurbished unit that would make it closer to the 1k range. Then again the lamp on my Tv must be on its knees from age yet I don't see a problem with the picture so it may not be too big of an issue in the end.

Can I just take these anywhere and plop them on a table or something at a friends house and get lets say at least a 50 inch picture reliably? In general there will always be I'd say at least 6-8 feet of space I'd say. Also Are projector screens easily transportable?

Been trying to figure this out myself for several weeks. Figured I'd ask if anyone had some input on the subject.

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