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Like the title says, I'm thinking about purchasing a Sony KDL-32S5100 32" 1080p. I did some quick research on test freaks and it seems pretty legit. I just want a 32" TV that delivers great picture with no choppiness. My dad bought a 47" 120hz LCD Vizio and that TV pisses me off. It's laggy, choppy, sometimes it wont display my PS3, it's probably the worst tv I've ever had to deal with.

Anyway is there any other 32" TV or one in a similar price range that's a better buy? I probably will be purchasing this by this weekend, I just don't want to end up with some POS Vizio like my dad has. I wouldn't mind spending the extra coin to get something that would be significantly better.

Here's the link to it for all you lazy folks.
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