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Thinking about upgrading ...

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I've had X1 for couple of months now but I changed the whole audio portion of my home theater, so ..

as I did that, I started thinking about upgrading the PJ. When I bought X1 I had no idea about projectors, and now I know better what I would be looking for. I would like PJ that will be/will have:


- XGA resolution

- maybe Faroudja DCDi (working via component) - not sure if needed as I will have Marantz DV6400 DVD in couple of days which is Progressive Scan.

- about 2000 lumens

- about 2000:1 contrast

- component input

- will display 480i via component

- does not matter if 4:3 or 16:9 - but prefer 4:3

Uff, that will do. Ohh and not cost more then 3k :)

I was looking at NEC LT240k but can it display 480i by component input?

Thank for any help!
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Ohh, come on there is no such projector? :(
The 240K has 2 RGB inputs that will accept a component signal from 480i and beyond. It sounds just about perfect for your needs.

But don't you want 480P with your Marantz anyway?
P.S. All you need is a Breakout cable. No expensive trans-coder needed.
Sure I do, but I also would like a PJ that will let me see OSD and volume control on screen from SR7400 receiver without switching cables (I only run component in the ceiling) :(

My X1 can not do that.

Is NEC LT240K the only option - isn't it already an old PJ?
The "K" version is not all that old, but there is always a new projector right around the corner. You could play that game forever. IMHO

Run some searches or check out www.projectorcentral.com
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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