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Hello folks,

We're renovating the basement and my home theater is changing rooms.

The new room is almost square and my main concern is it will be a relatively short throw for my projector.

Here's the beef:
  • Room dimensions: 370 cm in projector throw axis, 360 cm wide. Black projection wall, dark colours elsewhere, no ambient light other than screen.
  • Projector: JVC DLA-X35 (note this projector has a motorized lens with 5 user programmable lens memory settings for 5 combinations of a specific focus, zoom, and vertical/horizontal shift)
  • Throw distance: 312 cm (that is the maximum I can go - it leaves only 10 cm behind the projector to the back wall where the cold air intakes are and the manual specifies 20 cm)
  • Viewing distance: 308 cm
  • For what its worth, as we are renovating at this point nothing is built into this space so I can wire in, install, anything I want. Above dimensions are projected internal after drywall and include the standoff distance of the screen surface from the projection wall.

At maximum zoom for a throw of 312 cm the various calculators (JVC, projector central, elite) tell me I can get between 223-229 cm projected image width.

What I am thinking will be best here is a CIW set up and projecting a 220 cm wide image for all aspect ratios. I'll use a masking solution to close down or open up the screen along the vertical dimension.

My feeling is this will work best in my situation because:
  1. This will give me the biggest projected image for all ARs without resorting to an anamorphic lens (2 m2 for 2.4 material and 2.7 m2 for 1.78)
  2. I will certainly not have a problem with too little brightness even at close to maximum zoom - in this dark room if anything I may have to consider a screen gain lower than 1.0
  3. The 5 programmable settings of zoom, focus, and vertical/horizontal shift should allow me to easily switch between 5 main AR projection requirements

It seems the majority of people here are fans of CIH setups but I think at least 3 factors specific to my case make a CIW setup more appropriate: the lens memory feature of my particular projector, the short throw, and my desire to have as big and immersive a picture as possible.

I'd appreciate comments to either reassure me it makes more sense for my situation or point out if there is something I am overlooking. For what its worth I don't give much credence to the view that a cinemascope picture should be "bigger" than 1.78 material. I only watch one film at a given sitting anyway, so the argument that there is an "oooh aaah" factor from seeing the masking panels on the sides pull outwards for 2.4 material doesn't sway me. I simply want to project cinema material in the aspect ratio it was filmed in and use all of my projector panels to their full capacity in a relatively short throw room.

Dave M

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I would agree with you.

Also, simplicity of install. No need for lenses, sleds, processors, etc.

You can check out my theater below, but I decided to go with CIW for many of the same reasons as you... in addition, I watch a fair number of concert blu rays and they are almost all 16:9. Also, I like the expanded view of IMAX etc.

I ended up going with a AT 16:9 screen that is basically the entire width of my room, so the 2.35 image is as big as it physically can be without reconstruction of the foundation.
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