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thinking of buying a new cd player but have a ?

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I have been reading that it might not make that much of a difference in sound between a 200$ player and 2k$ if you don't have the components to meet the needs. I have a B&K AVR and KEF 205 ref. My question is I have a Sony 300 disc player that i use the fiber out on but am thinking of upgrading to the Cambridge 840c. I know a big jump but I have the money but don't want to throw it away if there will not be much of an improvement and what would the improvement be? I also HATE to have to return stuff already opened. So if I buy it I would don't want to return it, and that is why I am asking for all of your input. Thanks!
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I personally would NOT make a comitment unless you audition with your ears !!

The 840C is a well regarded player, so if you do buy it mail order or internet be sure you have return options. Even if you don't want to return.

Buying something of that level or above, soley on someones recomendation off this or any forum is somewhat stupid, IMHO
I was going to buy it local from tweeter. Like I said I would rather do my homework before I buy and reduce the risk of returning the item. I was hoping some people would have some input on this unit over my sony. Thanks for the reply.
Speedy...Speedy, You live in the City of Risk Takers !!!!! So whats the big deal about returning after you have auditioned if it dosen't satisfy ?? Like I said the 840C is a fine player, tweeter has a return policy, hopefully you will love and won't need to use it !
I've not heard the 840 but can tell you that I can hear the difference between my Oppo 981 and Rega Planet cd player through a Rotel 1055 AVR. The Oppo is a great dvd player but is not as good as the Rega for CD playback. The difference is a fuller sound with more bass and depth. So, I think your electronics are plenty good to appreciate the difference a nice CD player would bring.

And just for a reality check, my wife who doesn't give a hoot about this stuff hears the difference as well. I do agree you should try to audition before buying if at all possible. There are so many good choices out there that there is no need to limit yourself to one that is not available to audition first.

Good luck.
Thanks. Once I get done with my theater room I will by one and give it a whirl. Thanks for the input!
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