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I have always had the intention of moving my 60A3000 Sony (DLP) to the finished downstairs basement when I am ready to purchase a new TV(new tv will go upstairs, 60a3000 would get placed downstairs)

Lately i have been thinking of just getting rid of the 60a3000 all together and just leaving what i have downstairs(el cheapo tube) and replace the upstairs only.

My question is....The basement is heated but still gets VERY COLD during times i am not heating it. I would say during the worst if it is 0 degrees out farenheit it would be about 50 degrees in the finished part of my basement. Of course if any of use were down there at those temperatures we would open the dampers to increase the temperature. But whenever we are not down there i try to close them so we are not conditioning a space we are not using. Will temperatures of 50 degrees farenheit affect the performance of a LCD tv or the longevity of it?

Actually, this question is important for myself and my mother as she is planning getting a tv downstairs in her newly renovated basement. Hers will be used the same as mine.

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