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I use a..now ancient...Westinghouse 1080p set, its a monitor with no internal tuners, and its 37".

I am tempted to get a new 37" or preferrably a 42", realistically the biggest I can put on my desk and not be blinded by the brightness.

I really want to get an LED edge-lit model, thin to make some space on the desk. It will be used with PC games......xbox and ps3 take up residence on my projector or my ginormous CRT RPTV still (until that breaks, then I post this same type of thing in the flat panel area) ;D

INPUT LAG: i can't tell any lag from this Westy....if I have it, I've been able to work around it...but its so old I wonder if this set even has any of the fancy image processing that causes input lag in the first place.

By upgrading, am I setting myself up for disaster? Can anyone recommend a 42" set that would fit the bill?

With all the sales going on right now the only disappointing thing is that a 42" LED costs the same as some 55" LCD's
Or even bigger plasmas, and forget the crazy deals on DLP RPTV's right now....

My westinghouse has been on and functioning for about 4 years, it was a refurb that was DOA when it arrived, but once it was fixed it has worked almost 18 hours per day, nearly every day, for those 4 years. Its got a truly awful black level and contrast ratio but the colors still pop, white is still reasonably white (getting some color fringing on the edges of the screen but its only notable on pure white, so, never). It also has image retention...but that is only available on medium grey (so you see it in game transitions and stuff but never in-game).

The set has terrible, terrible images when using component (it has DVI, no HDMI) so I never run game systems with it.....

Recommendations? I want to stick with 1080p.
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