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Hello all,

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom and help.

I was thinking about purchasing a new BluRay player when I was reminded by my wife that my year-old Dell XPS420 (32-Bit Vista) has a BluRay drive stock installed. It has this along with a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (that apparently has no connector for an SPDIF cable to run from my non-stock Audigy 2ZS card I installed from my old box).

So, I was trying to find a way, for under $200.00 (or so), to purchase a new video card so I can run a single HDMI cable to my ONKYO HT-R640 receiver.

I consider myself pretty technical, but I simply do not trust that I can make a super informed decision based on my own limited understanding of how the signals are passed to the receiver, and through to my Mistubishi-46131 TV and speakers, from my PC.

As far as I can tell, ATI cards have a built-in audio processor that should allow me to pass audio and video to my receiver (and thus, TV) with a single cable, using something like Power DVD DX for BluRay (installed stock).

My main concern is that I want to be sure that I'm not going to spend ~$200 for a worse experience than shelling out $250 for a BluRay Player.

I was considering buying the following card:

If I purchase this card, and run a single HDMI cable from it in my Dell XPS420 to my ONKYO HT-R640 receiver's HDMI input, will I get full BluRay resolution and full 5.1 Dolby surround? In a perfect world, I'd like the replacement card to be at least as good as the 8800 GT in there now, so I can play PC games on my TV as well. I'm just lost here and can't pull the trigger without running it by you all first.

It's much appreciated.


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