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Third set of speakers on a AVR5800? Newbie question

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I have a Denon AVR5800. I'd like to add a third pair of speakers. Speaker 'A' are running the living room, Speaker 'B" the kitchen. I have a extra Harmon Kardon PA2200 two channel amp. Can I connect it to the front pre out jacks on the back of the AVR5800 and power a third pair of speakers? If so, how would I control the volume of the third pair of speakers?

Thanks very much in advance, sorry for the noob questions.


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DAVE yes you can plug in the amp but the only way your going to contol volume is with that amp. Im not sure if that amp has level control or not?

The only problem your going to have though is HK's volume control will control the input to that amp, meaning if you want speker A to be low the output of the preout will be really low as well, that zone off that amp will be really low......

I hate to use them but you can use a speaker selector on speaker B to run the other set of speakers, it will be the easyest way to keep things the same volume and then you can kill spk A as well if you dont want "zone a " on.

If you want both zones to be at differant levels or better still, be able to turn each room on or off you can use a volume control speaker selector, or if you really want control you can use an ATON DLA4 for remote control volume control and speaker switching.....
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The 5800 is a 3 Zone receiver so simply connect the HK to the Multi Zone 2 preouts and you're good to go.
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