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This is so sad...

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Sorry for the long URL. I wonder how high it will go, and who the lucky winner will be?
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It probably won't go very high. That's the Lumen Lab projector, I believe. You can build an HD one or not much more.

There were over 30 bids, and this piece went for $630 dollars.

It boggles the mind - their are other auctions with this exact same "projector" selling for $200.

What are people thinking?

Take a look at the specs on it....
...link may not work.

Basically, its an Ebay auction for an "Ally PTV1" projector. You can look them up on google.

Here are some stats -

800 lumen

300/1 contrast ratio

320 x 240 resolution!

Uses an internal 320,000 pixel lcd screen to shine the 150 watt overhead projector bulb through.

"Fixed" lens - no zoom or focus

The bulb does last 6000 hours, though.

And it has a "builded in tuner"

And to think what else they could have purchased for $630!
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There was a huge back and forth on this recently with a bunch of DIY guys....lets not even go there again :p
Not everyone is willing to pay $300-$400 for a lamp that could blow at 500 hours (or less). Most people would absolutely dread having to buy a new lamp, especially those who will be using a projector as their main display. I agree that it's overpriced though. You can build an HD one for a low price. You can build a 1080p one for under a $1,000 I believe.
That much money for that POS? Wow. No component inputs...and the "4:3 ration", is that military issue?

Why not buy a Z1 for $200 less.
BTW, This is not the Lumenlab PJ. Their PJ is currently on a boat from China. It also has higher resoultion and 16:9.
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