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what would you pick,

One of high End Soundbar

Sony ST5000 7.1.2ch

or this setup 3.1

Yamaha RX-V385
Klipsch Subwoofers R-100SW
Klipsch RP-500C Center
Klipsch R-41M 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers

Room size 10X12 ft

both already bought I have to pick one

my only use of these is watching movies

I like the sound bar looks better easy to setup but if the other option worth the wiring and will sound much better I will go for it

I am confused :confused:

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more details about equipment and possible REQ

some may take exception to the concept of a "high end" and "sound bar"

in a small room like that, you may have to compromise less with the 3.1
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