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This may be the wrong forum, but I'll try anyway...I'm thinking of building a...

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Custom cabinet that would fit around my Rear Projection. There are several nice ones here on the site.

First off, any pointers or things to avoid would be appreciative.

Second, is there some good places to just buy one, that aren't $4k like at Tweeter.

Finally, would having a carpenter, or custom builder be a better route for my wallet, or am I completely off base with that idea. I would like it to look as built in as possible, but not if that makes since. If I have to move for one reason or another, I definitely don't want to leave it for some one else to enjoy. :D


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I don't have a RPTV, nor have I built a cabinet/wall partition for one, but when I look at the nice ones that have been built by members of this forum, it is built with the opening exactly the size of the RPTV unit. It looks great this way, but my intial thought is what if you get something else, or your current model busts a gut?

I would recommend checking into construction methods that would allow you to build a bigger opening, but be able to pull separate partitions in towards the TV to make it look like it's enclosed.

Just a thought.....
When I was previously planning this (got fp instead) I was going to build the opening big enough for the biggest tv I would reasonably put in there, then put a cover that was custom cut for the tv that got installed. That way you can replace the cover and upgrade the set.
Those are some good ideas. I need to keep that in mind. I looked online at some furnitures stores, but didn't see much I liked. After seeing that $4000 unit at tweeter, nothing else has grabbed me. That's why I was thinking going the carpenter route. Will see. Maybe I'll find time and build one myself.:p
My RTA in Lodgepole pine here

it is made in Canada, Penticton BC by CANWOOD.

If you like pine and want convenience...
Originally posted by JSB
Maybe I'll find time and build one myself.
That can be a very satisfying project. It's also the best way to get exactly what you want. What I discovered is why the things are so expensive. I think I had about $2000 in wood on mine.

If you decide to try your hand at DIY, and need any pointers, I think I'm in your area, feel free to contact me. I run a custom furniture shop here and would be glad to answer any questions, or point you to some material resources, etc.



I was thinking about getting my cabinet custom made until I got quotes bet. $6-8K for what I wanted. I forgo that idea really quick and built what I wanted for about $1,000 worth of materials. Since this is my first wood furniture project, it did take a lot of my time. Most satisfactory I did to said the least.

Maybe Brucer could give you a good price if you ask him nicely.

BTW, here is my cabinet:

Let me know if I did saved $5K or I just got high quotes.
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Whereabouts in TX are you? I am in Houston and build things like this for reasonable prices. Built stuff into my house, and built built-ins and free-standing units for others. Check out my web site


and email me with any questions.

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