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This problem doesn't really sound logical to me...

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Alright here is my quick and dirty setup that I believe it starting to fail.

Denon AVR-2400 w/seperate AVD-2000 dolby digital processor, hooked up to a small AVS 5.1 Cerwin Vega setup (I live in a small apartment)

Anyway, I noticed when I threw in the simpsons DVD today that the volume of my center channel was virtually zero. So I switched it over to 5ch stereo, and volume was back to normal, but of course not pro-logic. Then I decided to switch to Dolby Digital, same thing, no volume from the center. I crank it up, I can hear it, but very faint, but then I notice other sounds from the center but no voices.

Figure hey, maybe it's my DVD player, so I try the xbox, and same thing, from both the optical and RCA outputs. Now once again, flip to normal stereo mode and 5ch, bingo, sounds great.

I also tried games, and other DVD's, same problem.

Any ideas? I'm hoping I don't have to run out and get a new amp, but for some reason, it seems as if I elimnated the sources, and narrowed it down to the receiver.

Thanks everyone, and I hope someone has some good news for me :)
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Any answers, ideas? ANYTHING :)
No expert but: Are you sure you're fedding the PCM Bitstream & not the analog (red&white) analog stereo channels only? Sorry if this sounds insulting, just trying to help from my limited past experience.
both analog (pro-logic) and DD from the decoder. At this point in time, not insulted, any ideas help...
Some DVD players have a PCM/Bitstream choice in the setup menu. If it's set to PCM you won't get Dolby Digital. You need to set it to Bitsream.
tried both..

this problem happens on both ANALOG and DOLBY DIGITAL, from multiple sources, XBOX and DVD player...
Are you sure the sources have a center channel? Not all Dolby Digital are 5.1, some are only 2.0.
I have tried not even using the decoder which limits that as a problem. It happens whether I use ProLogic on the processor or output 5.1 to the receiver.

It also happens when I use the standard RCA's to the receiver, in pro-logic mode.

I have tried a variety of sources, and yes verifying that the DVD or whatever source was in 5.1 mode. Have switched between 5.1 and 2.0 modes so I do recognize the difference.

I honestly just think that the receiver is on it's way out.

So in essence, I've elimnated the source as the problem, because IDENTICAL things happen whether it is 5.1 DVD or 5.1 XBOX. I've elimnated the processor, because it does the same thing when I don't even utilize the AVD-2000.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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