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I used to think I was good at this stuff - just take the 3020 out of the box, hook everything up, and go. But I've read the manual and not sure if how I think I should hook things up will work.

I have the Sony 40XBR800, the last of the tube behemoth TV's. It only accepts DVI (no HDMI). I have an HDMI to DVI cable with I plan on hooking up to the 3020's HDMI out #1.

I have a FIOS cable box, DVD player, and PS3 to hook up. All three have optical out. The cable box and DVD have HDMI out, and I have component out for the PS3. So I look on the back of the 3020. Conceptually I though I would use HDMI AV1 input for the cable, HDMI AV2 input for the DVD, and component AV3 for the PS3. But for audio inputs there are 4 AV inputs, where 1&2 have coaxial and 3&4 have optical. Then there are 4 audio RCA inputs, and one more each of optical and coaxial. I think old school where input 1 audio & video must match. Does this receiver automatically detect the input, so if cable's video is input to HDMI 1 and the optical sound to AV 3 input, when on will all work OK? Sounds like a mix and match to me.

Also, HDMI input #1 has a label "BD/DVD". That same label shows in AV 1. Does that mean the DVD player has to hook up here? But AV 1 doesn't have optical.

I think it's late and I'm tired.

Sorry for sounding so stupid and ignorant. I certainly feel that way asking this question.
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