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My combined kitchen and living area is being renovated so it's time to upgrade. I would like to remotely host the hardware, this is a new concept/implementation for myself.


My current setup is a Pioneer PDP 6010FD plasma, onyko sr-605 (w/ broken hdmis), Tivo XL.  Ventriliquist speakers and a couple Orb satellites. 


I need to replace the receiver and am looking to setup multi-zone sound with speakers in the ceiling with around 4-5 zones. Overall my intentions are for usability and functionality. Most of the zones are for music and was looking to do something with the sonos devices.  Have no idea what sort of speakers to go into the ceilings but don't want to spend more than 200-300 for each.


The receiver I keep looking at is the ONYKO TX-NR626 around 500$. Any others I should look at? I like as many tech features I can get like networking, wireless, solid apps for control (although I will probably get a universal setup), up-scaling seems nice but I may not need it, streaming..etc


I am not an audio person but like everything to work well together and be a solid system and one of the issues I have thinking this through is the how the sonos will work with a remotely located receiver (If I go with sonos) to control 5 zones with in ceiling speakers.


Thoughts, Input, Advice on the receiver mainly because of where I put this thread or any other part? 




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