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Thoughts on this receiver (and speakers)?

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I'm looking for a nice, but affordable, receiver for my bedroom. My budget is right around $500-$600 and needs to include speakers. I've done a little research and like the receiver named below for the following reasons:

Up-convert composite to component signals, HDMI, Auto calibration, and expandability to 7.1 (only using it for 5.1 right now).

Model: Onkyo TX-SR604

The speakers I'm considering are: (Link Removed)

Hrm.. I'd like to link the speakers, but apparently I can't yet

They are: JBL SCS-145.5 SCS Series Home Theater Speaker System (found at amazon)

The speakers are there just due to price.

Can anyone recommend some alternatives? I'd really like to stick to auto calibration for the speakers and the price MUST remain under $600 to keep the wife happy.

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Wait a few weeks, get the onkyo 605 with the advanced audio decoders. $399

For speakers, start with a 2.0 setup and spend as much as you can on the 2 fronts. Then slowly add a center, sub, and then surround.
I love the feature set of the 605, but when is it due and how will the availability be? I'm on a semi-limited time frame due to the wife wanting the room to be "done".

I'm very intrigued by the feature set and price of that suggestion, I just wish it were available now.

As for the speaker suggestion, sadly that's not an option. It's rather hard to explain, but it involves the words wife, stop, spending, money, and enough already. That might help exlpain the picture
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The 605 should hit stores next week, but depending on avaialability, who knows.

As far as speakers, those speakers are terrible. Gah! For a bit more get the Athena Micra series at Amazon. Great reviews and many people will vouch for the quality of the speakers.

I've searched around and it appears the 605 will be 500+. Do you have an idea of where one can get that for $399?

As for the Micra's, they're definitely nice, but at $370, that + the 604 are WAY out of my range.

After looking further into the 605, I really think the 604 would be enough for what I need right now. I really need the S-video -> Component up scaling for my TiVo unit and the sound will be WAY better than the 5 year old Yamaha receiver it's replacing.

So, does anyone else have an idea/suggestion for speakers? Or, perhaps comments on the JBL's? I've looked at Polks for around $250, but the JBL's are less expensive an seem to have similar specs. Am I missing something (besides extremely good sound that's out of my current price range?
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Originally Posted by Lokanna /forum/post/0

I've searched around and it appears the 605 will be 500+. Do you have an idea of where one can get that for $399?

you can preorder it over the phone from j&r for $399
Spend all your current budget on speakers and stick with your Yamaha receiver for now. Yamaha makes good value receivers. My 7 year-old Yamaha HTR 5460 still sounds great, even though it has been relagated to my bedroom since I first found a great deal on a Marantz SR8400 about 2 years ago, and then lucked out when buying my house when the old owner left Anthem separates (along with an entire furnished and equiped dedicated projector room).

If budget is an issue, you can go through the extra step of pressing the "input" button on your TV remote instead of having your AVR video switch. In fact, when your wife has to keep doing this and keeps forgetting exactly how to do it, your budget may magically increase. Or buy a harmony remote and program it with macros to do the steps for you.

When buying Home Theater Equipment, remember this budget hierarchy.

1. Top priority is speakers (mains in particular). They change the least, and good speakers will last decades.

2. Second priority, AVR (or if you can swing it, pre/pro and separate amps... look into Emotiva). These have the next longest shelf lives.

3. Third place is Video and Source components. These change at a furious pace. Yesterday's 12,000 Sharp 720 DLP is today's Costco special at $1999.

4. Finally a subwoofer. Some will argue with me on this one and try to put it higher, but if you purchased good mains, you will get by just fine without a sub for a long time. When you finally have the dough to get a good one, go for it.

One final suggestion. What my wife and I do is automatically take a set amount of money each month and put it into our own separate play money accounts. Money in those accounts can be spent by the account holder on anything without having to ask permission, forgiveness, or the like. It actually has a triple benefit. First, no fights over purchases. Second, you appreciate your purchases more when you have to save for it. Third, by the time you have enough money to buy what you want, there is something better out, and hopefully you can afford it.
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