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Hey all, I am pretty new to HT setups. I recently got my brother's Bose lifestyle system. I always thought they were really good but upon some researching, it turns out they are pretty bad. In fact after reading many reviews, I'm beginning to understand a little. I still think they are good especially with my expectations because I'm not too knowledgeable. The biggest complaint I have is that the center speakers (dialogue) tends to be drowned out. So here are my thoughts on upgrading but am not sure if it is a wise idea. Oh btw I have a HDTV and PS3 as a gaming and blu-ray player.

First, I was thinking either a STR-DG910 or STR-DG1000 (I liked to stick with Sony because I can get good deals on that through the family center). What are your thoughts on these receivers?

Second, I was planning to use my current Bose speakers but adding a new center speaker and sub (for 6.1) or using 4 Bose as rears speakers and 3 new front speakers + sub(for 7.1)

Third, is it even possible or efficient to use the above receivers and have a 6.1 setup?

My budget is a little under $1000 which is why I may stick with a 6.1 for now and upgrading to 7.1 later. I can get the DG810 for $300 and DG1000 for $450. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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