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Greetings all -

My friend just sent me a few photos of a home theater set-up he and his friend have been working on.

I don't know all the details yet, but I am looking forward to sitting down and enjoying the experience it will offer.

Here are some pics and the limited information I received. I exepct a trully engulfing experience - does anyone have any thoughts or input?

· The McIntosh 2010 Reference ultimate audio and video system producing 11,000 watts with 23 subwoofers titanium twitters and mids.

· The 810 Meridian 4K Reference Projector

· (184.7 diagonal, curved, electric masking) by Screen Research.

· A unique acoustical and eco-friendly natural wood sound treatment that produce the ideal room.

· Solar Cells support all the home theatre Low Voltage Led Light illumination

· Full home automation control with Control4.

· Kaleidescape media server with a total of 21 Terabytes in 14 hard disks.

· Integrated with everything: Light Control, Cctv Ip Cameras, Security, Media Servers, Internet Accessibility and Control, Multi room audio and video.

· Vudu internet media access.

· 400 Multichanger DVD Bluray player.

· Game Console.

· HD Satellite receiver.

· Bluray Universal player.

· Night thermo Infrared system security cameras with zoom 2 mile range IP controlled and remote access military specification.

· Pan tilt and zoom cameras with microphone, internet server built in for remote access without computer.

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