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I love the sound, but I think it's dying on me. That didn't last long. Just over 2 years. Have H/K AVR 520 for ever and upgraded to get HDMI, etc.

Unit has always been extremely hot. Not sure the cooling fans work. I don't see them spinning after hours of TV.

All of a sudden, I'm getting "protect" everytime I power on after work (once off for many hours), then starts fine. I've tried unhooking sub, rear speakers. Only thing left is Bridge III and HDMI cables from Dtv box, PS3, and to TV (Front/center speakers wires were recently replaced to try to fix problem also)

Thoughts on a replacement?? I haven't been in market so have no idea what to look at. Thinking in the same $500 range. I have 5.1, PS3, DTV. I have another HDMI in for when I connect laptop to watch videos on TV.

Thanks in advance
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