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It's been so long since I posted to the forum that I completely forgot my login and just decided to start over again.

I've got a three part puzzle that I'm been stewing over for a few weeks but thought I'd go right to the source of all my home theater questions.

I have a home theater system that I've been piecing together over the years. I began with two floorstanding Mirages eleven years ago back in college and gradually filled in the gaps. Now after recently replacing my rears and center I have the following setup:

Sony 60a3000 RPTV

Panasonic VSX-919AH receiver

Toshiba HD-DVD

Pioneer LD

Sony PS3

Mirage FRX 5 Front

Mirage OMNISAT OS3 CC Center Speaker

Mirage OMINSAT V2 Surrounds

Acoustic Research sub

I also have a turntable in my "analog suite" (all books and records) hooked up to my old home theater receiver (Sony d840) with some hand-me-down Inifity bookshelf speakers. I have approx. $1200 to do everything I want.

Ideally I want to replace my FRX 5's for the home theater and move those up to the turntable to replace the Inifinities. I'm looking at the Mirage OMD-15s.

I also need to replace the AR sub (badly). The subwoofer forum is overwhelming. Looking at the Klipsch RW-12, the Jamo 650, PA-120 and PL-200. Allowance for this will come down to how much I spend elsewhere because I'd rather not take my limited funds away from the mains.

The final component is this: in your opinion will the Mirage FRX 5s be sturdy enough with the turntable without a sub? Or should I opt to add a small sub to the setup? I know some don't worry about the sub, but I really believe the sub would take stress off the mains (and these 5s are relatively small speakers). The Inifinities definitely choke on the low end, but they're old and relatively inexpensive.

any and all comments are welcome.

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