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I went to: http://www.projectorcentral.com/Mara...ulator-pro.htm

I used 16x9 movies, screen gain 1.0, 114" diagonal and it stated a throw distance of 14.4 feet.

It also shows a color chart and has a darken area of 12' to 17' throw distance.

has anybody used this chart and believe as i do that the throw distance can be 12 to 17 feet with the recommended at 14.4 feet.

I asked this because I have a fan at 17 feet back from the wall and its blades are 15 feet back from the wall, so if i can place my 15S1 at 14 feet with the lens at 12.5 - 13 feet throw distance I can keep the fan.


P S Any recommendations on Screens is welcome:

I have a fairly dark room no windows or uncontrolled light and am looking at the Stewart Studio Tech
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