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THX calibration software on DVD's

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I am a new 57TWX20b owner, and looking into getting some calibration software to help me tweak by RPTV. I have read aple threads on AVIA and some on Home Theater Essentials...but I have not seen the THX calibration tools available on most DVD's (like Bugs Life, etc) mentioned. Is this a good tool to use? Is it comparable to AVIA? It is of course free, but before I use it I want to ensure I am not wasting my time...only to have to recalibrate with AVIA.

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The common thought here is that those THX tools, are not only "not good"

they actually cross the line to being "BAD". You probably should avoid

using them.
Thanks for the tip. I will avoid them. AVIA here we come!!

THX modes are better than nothing ... but sometimes they may be worse than nothing.

The THX mode on any particular disc is designed to only be applicable to the disc it came with. Optimizing it from the T2 disc for instance does not mean that those optimal settings translate to every other disc you own.

If you use the THX mode on another disc ... say Toy Story ... you may end up with different results.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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