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THX Cinema vs. Dolby PLIIZ vs. Audyseey DSX

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This is what I've put together from my own listening, and make no claims of it being 100% accurate. 



THX Cinema: Gives the best wrap around effect, but maybe 'modifies' the sound too much from it's original for some listeners. 


Dolby PLIIZ: Gives option of highs to play ambiance, or rears for a modified 7.1 arrangement. Sounds are more directional with less blend than THX. 


Audyseey DSX: Gives the option of highs and/or wides to 'help out' the LR surrounds for taller and more blended sound range. Modifies the original recording the most of the three. 



What are you personal experiences with these?


Which one has been the best in your experience? 
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