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THX post processing I was wrong!

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I have said in the past that THX post processing is useless but a cool feature to have on your HT equipment. Well I was wrong. It takes some getting used to but i really dig THX post processing. It cuts down how many descions you have to make. It makes it much easier to set up and make sound great. Also it really does make it more home theater like.Anybody else really like THX processoing and use it on movie soundtracks? I don't want to hear all the negative just the people who like it. J.H.
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THX cuts too much high's out for my taste

DVD's like the old original Warner Brothers titles:

(and any others with original big theater mixes)

"Eraser" "Demolition Man" etc.

most likely need THX applied because they are the straight theater mixes which are ear shredding high(too me at least)

THX has it's place, but I never use it much because my Atlantic Technologies are not bright speakers

Try it out on music and you will see how much high info is cut

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What do you mean by "music"? Dolby digital music or music in general? Are you saying THX processing is good on music or not good? or is this just an experiment you want me to try? J.H.
I agree that THX re-equalization (is that what it's called?) rolls off the top end too much and that alone kills pure THX post-processing. But I think that some electronics allow you to turn off the re-eq and still stay in THX mode.

Doesn't it also apply a bass rolloff starting at 30hz? That's pretty weak.
I just like what it does to the room. It seems to fit a movie soundtrack into a HT room much better. I really have grown to like it very much. J.H.
I myself like the THX post-processing. To the person who said listen to it with music, in all fairness music is not its intended use. It is for movies mastered with lots of highs to fill a huge commercial movie theater. To each his own but I think the majority of people think it's beneficial.
Yeah I just listened to John Mayer "room for squares" dual disc and THX processing sounds awful with music and it is definitely not what it was intended for. THX is great with movies though I believe. J.H.
Doesn't it also apply a bass rolloff starting at 30hz? That's pretty weak.
No. The main thing is the top end which helps for the really grating soundtracks. I would not use it all the time.
Use THX Music instead of THX Cinema on 5.1 sources before you criticize its performance on music. I use and like both, but then plain DD PL IIx sounds better on some material. It's better to have choices than not.

You can only use THX music mode when listening in 6.1 surround sound right? I can't get to THX music unless its in 6.1 mode right? I only have my system setup for 5.1 right now but will soon change that. Thanks J.H.
THX Ultra2 and THX Musicmode require 7.1 speaker systems. The 5.1 or 6.1 systems will not allow Ultra2 or Musicmode to engage.

I have been experimenting with my Onkyo TX1000 and just decided to add the THX processing to my DTS and DDPLIIx movie soundtracks. So far, so good. I am also using the RE EQ feature and Onkyo's notch filter. So far, the sound is the best ever (for me atleast)...
I happen to like the way my speakers sound naturally in my room. So I use the auto-eq feature of my THX Pioneer receiver to match the center and surround speakers to the timbre of my front speakers. So far so good. But I never use THX mode for watching movies as I feel it tones down much of the impact in the sound track.
I know they say it turns down the bass a notch but I am using 6 subs in my theater so it is hard to tell. I just like how it controls the soundtracks. It is not unbalanced whatsoever. It is clear and combined with the notch filter I hear deeper bass I did not know was there before in some movies...
Originally Posted by SteveCallas
What about the 30hz rolloff? That's not "great".
I guess that you are referring to the Boundary Gain Compensation. Two comments - 1) you can turn that off, and 2) it's supposed to help flatten your response if you actually have a rising low end due to wall/corner bass reinforcement at uyour listening position.

Originally Posted by joerod
I am using 6 subs in my theater ...
joerod you're insane - and I respect you for that :D
I personally do not care for it, but to each his own.
Originally Posted by J.H.
It cuts down how many descions you have to make. It makes it much easier to set up and make sound great.
This is the main part that I disagree with. When I had a THX ultra processor, I was always wondering which configuration was "right". As others have said, it's a bit of a guessing game based on the mix of the movie. Most of them are now compensating for home theaters on DVD releases. I didn't like the idea of rolling off the highs a second time.

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