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Tight 'musical' sub?

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I have recently moved from 2 channel Music only system to a 5.0 system with Widescreen TV.

The current system:

Mains: Energy C-6's (dual 6.5" drivers)

Center: Energy Veritas 2.0c Center speaker
Surround: Energy Old Encore

Sony STR2ES Receiver

Sony F707ES Amp for mains

The C-6s go pretty deep, I'd say down to 40-35 efficently and dropping off after 35. They get good power from my Sony ES stereo amp - big power supply.

I find that music sounds great, most movies are great, but sometimes lacking in bass -special effects. I was watching Band of Brother and getting ticked because the explosions had no rumble. So began my search for a sub.

So far I have tried Energy s10.2, Velodyne CHT-10 & 12, Klipsch RW-10. All sounded pretty good in movies - bass goes lower, some good rumble, little muddy? Klipsch being the best... but frankly I put on a CD or a music DVD such as Sting - all this time, and it sounds like muddy mutted boomy crap. I tried xover of 60, 90 & 120... 70 being best in movie... none in music.

Is there a good music sub out there? These are mostly 10" and all front port. Do I need a sealed sub?

budget is around $400-500 but I can wait/save if you folks think something else is worth it... I have waited this long.

Thanks for all your help,

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the rocket ufw 10 from www.********** gets rave reviews here.

then there's the svs pc ultra, with their top of the line "ultra" subwoofer driver.
The Adire Rava is another sub noted for its musicality, for about $400. The Rocket UFW10 is very highly regrded in this aspect of performance, almost universally, and is about $600.

Pick up a used Genesis 900 for around $800.
Tight and Musical?

HSU VTF-2/3 ( http://www.hsuresearch.com )

ACI Force or Titan ( http://www.audioc.com )

They rank as some of the best - I like the ACI b/c it has a real class A amp not a class D Digital switching amp.

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Tight and musical you say?

Mirage BPS-150i.

Thank me after.
Adire Rava is what I am looking at getting.
I'm running a Velodyne SPL Series II sub with my Energy C9s. It's tight, accurate, quick AND does awesome in explosion movie scenes. It's only an 8'' driver but sports a 1000 watt class D amp. It's sick! Highly recommended.
I've got two UFW-10's, they are great for HT but excel at music. Quick & accurate are probably the most common descriptors associated with it. You should audition one if you can.
Adire Tumult in a sealed 2.5 cu. ft. box . Suitable amp about 500 watts mono,preferably a bipolor amp.Good luck.
Tight and musical you say? Mirage BPS-150i.

Thank me after.
I had the Mirage and went to the ACI Titan. There is no comparison. For musicality and the ability to blend with main speakers and just disappear, the ACI is far and above the Mirage. Although the Mirage is a good sub, the ACI is in another class. But it's out of the posters price range, so I would recommend the Force, which is suppose to sound the exact same without the ability to play quite as loud.
The king of subs the BPS-S210 would be way above as well.
If I were you,I would save up for one of the new DD series subs. by Velodyne. This is a great leap forward and the way subs. will be made in the future. Acurate to .5%,they are servo driven and re-create acoustic bass so well I just smile. The subs. come with a setup mic. and an on screen setup that is quite easy to follow. Inputs are lfe or main speaker from the amp. The on screen sweep goes from 15 to 200 and shows what the room is doing with the bass. Then EQ the sub. to fit the room.

I was actually gonna say a DD Velodyne sub, or you can save yourself some money and get an older but still extremely good HGS model.
Paradigm PW-2200. It takes some time to place it right though. If incorrectly placed, it will get boomy.
Suitable amp about 500 watts mono,preferably a bipolor amp.
What is a bipolor amp?
Originally posted by EMT
What is a bipolor amp?
One that is up one day, and down the next... :)

A bipolar amp is one that uses bipolar output transistors as opposed to mosfets.
ACI Titan. Q = 0.6.

Very musical sub.

HSU VTF-2, excellent sub for both HT/Music. I'm using this sub with an Ascend Acoustics system.
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