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Time Capsule and NAS relation...

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The AEBS upgrade to Time Capsule looks potentially more than the surface of just adding a shared drive to me. Presumably it would 'fix' the software issues with shared drives via AEBS (for Time Machine or otherwise) - including a presentation of USB connected drives as a shared device (according to one poster from MacWorld).

I wonder if 2 AEBS's connected via Ethernet would present both drives through the same gateway (without requiring 2 wireless attachments by the client). If so, would this be an alternative to a NAS system? (without the RAID stuff of course). All the specs (and Jobs presentation) refer to the internal drives being server grade... Potentially another advantage if this really translates into bus connection and quality....


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Good question. Wondering the same thing. My USB drive attached to my N Apple router is a little spotty when accessing the iTunes Library on it from my MacBook Pro I now use as my home server of sorts.
I have 2 on order - won't be shipping until end of feb, -

I'll be anxious to test it out...

I know Apple really wants N to work, but I think we need to think of Time Capsule as a backup/archival device and not a media streamer. The AppleTV has a hard drive for a reason - wireless streaming for HD is not stable enough. I don't have N myself, but that's what I've read and what I believe. Hope I'm wrong
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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