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ok, so had a philips 5.1 hooked up to my 50 panny.

Already got a receiver for xmas, Yamaha v663. so going to eventually jump to 7.1 soon.

Have a budget of about 200 PER speaker, so here are my thoughts for best for my money, have about a 12 x 15 room, and TV will be in the corner, and must have wall mounted speakers, looking for a nice, rich sound

Mains - Infinity Beta 20s

Center, Infinity c360 or 250

Surrounds ?, thinking of using my 4ohms philips for time being?

Sub - BIC H-100

What do you all think? is there something I could get better for my money?

Also, what center would work best with Infinity 20s?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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