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Time for a new mouse!

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My second MS X8 mouse has become twitchy so it's time for a new mouse for me. MS, having a great warranty, is actually going to give me a full refund ($70) because they don't make the X8 anymore. Not bad considering I used it for 2yrs...

Now I'm looking at comparable mice- specifically the Logitech G700. Anyone own it? Any other recommendations in that price range?
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Take a look at the Cyborg RAT 7 mouse, totally adjustable. I was using the two MS sidewinder versions until I got the RAT 7. The RAT 9 is wireless but cost a lot more.

I also have the rat 7 and it's a great mouse. I split the time between it and the Roccat Kone+ mouse I have. I don't like the rat for BF games, as it has a funny response at max 5600dpi settings. My kone+ however, is smooth as silk. (i use the high dpi in vehicles)

I highly recommend both of them
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I have the non-wireless version of the G700 (perhaps the G500?) and I think it's great. I've not really compared it to any other gaming mice, but it just feels right to me. It's smooth and precise, you can change the weight to match what you want, and has a lot of configuration ability.
The RAT 7 seems nice but I want something wireless. I am left handed but have gotten used to using a right handed mouse. But as most left-handed people do I use it kind of crooked, so wireless works best for me.

I just have to decide if the G700 is adequate or I want to spring for a RAT 9.
Decided to go with the G700. Good enough for my uses.
I have a g500 and I like it. I can imagine the 700 is much different.
So I got the mouse. I've been struggling with it all day to get it to work properly- I had this one problem where on small movements it would lag and get "stuck" in wireless mode (works fine wired). Oddly enough it has something to do with USB 2.0 on my mobo. I just stuck the mini receiver in 1 of my 2 USB 3.0 ports and it seems to work fine. Go figure.

Update- Unfortunately it has major problems in wireless mode in FPS. It sticks. Makes it worthless. Great with the wire hooked up. I might just keep it anyways.
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