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Time to apologize

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Last night I cross-posted in three forums an excerpt from a home theater technical support request on another form that seemed rather funny at the time. A few of us had a laugh at that person's expense.

While I purposefully omitted the person's name and certain relevant details, it might nevertheless have been possible for many to deduce its source. Furthermore, it does turn out that the person in question does indeed read this forum, though posts infrequently enough that I was not aware of this.

So please allow me apologize now to him for the embarrassment I've caused. Upon reflection, it's clear to me that people need to be able to ask honest questions without the threat of ridicule; after all, how else are we going to learn about this hobby we're a part of? It's a hobby that we've all entered as a beginner at one point or another.

I hope to better model a helpful fellow home theater nut to that person (and everyone else) in the future.
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How many forums do you have time to read, man?
Sorry, I meant that I posted the same post in three different sections of this web site; and I read it on another web site. (That makes two).
I made a jab also at the poster's expense. I apologize if you were offended in any way. It certainly wasn't my intention to do so.

I wasn't even sure if it was a real post or just a joke.
Consider yourselves all soundly spanked

Any more transgressions and i'll beat you over the head with my ISCOII


Thank you, sir may I have another
I'll take a whack ;)
Hi Michael,

I just thought I'd chime in and say Thank-you for all of your great posts. As a newbie to the forum about 1 year ago. I have followed,read and learned by many of your past posts, as well as others. So for what its worth keep up the great work. I'm not sure you needed to go this far, certainly hats off to you for taking the initiative. But I have read some very disturbing posts from other individuals who rank in the thousands of postings arena, and nary a peep of compassion to the uninformed, or otherwise confused.

Congrats on the new baby, we're at the 10 month mark, and finally getting some sleep.



Its all about having fun!
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hmmm, a little guilt. The way i look at it everyone who posts their opinion is subject to harassment from other board members. It does not bother me if someone corrects me, i am by no way a expert in HT. I also know that the person who dies with the most toys wins, and i know i am doing good in this category.

So i dont have time to scan for your post, so who was the poor guy?
Kudos Michael,

It takes a real man to admit his error.

Keep up your great contributions to this forum.

I'll forgive you after I've got my laugh out of it. Now cough it up!

It would be one thing if the person posted an opinion; if he did, then yeah, he's fair game like anyone else. Or even if he made what he thought was a statement of fact, a little healthy ribbing might be in order. But this was an honest, agenda-free question, just one that revealed a misunderstanding of the way projectors work that I thought was humorous. So no, I don't think "he had it coming" at all. He deserved an honest answer. Actually, I gave him an honest answer on the other forum---and then I copied the excerpt over to this one and poked fun at it :(
Andrikos beat me to it - too bad not everyone's like you in this case..

Well don't think that means I'll go soft on you guys, now :)

I was hoping you'd be extra nice to me. :)

I have to admit, at times you all can be a bunch of ******* ******** no it alls--myself included.
I've never been called a plethora of asterisks before. :eek:

"no it alls", that's grand! But then what do I no?
Pun intended--at least you got it ;o).

That's what my wife calls me. Every time she asks me to do something, I say no--Therefore I'm a "no it all".
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