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We bought a new (new to us) home last April and I'm now getting serious about turning one end of the basement into a theater. Currently have the Yamaha LPX-510 set up and running on a 120" screen.

Due to a window and sliding glass door, light issues abound, but I'll be making blackout curtains over Christmas.

The basement is completely finished, but I'll be building a wall to divide the theater from the rest of the basement. Nwe wall will be the screen wall and opposite of where the screen is currently.

It will take a few months to get everything done: wall, wiring, platform, lighting, insulation, paint, etc., so I'm not quite ready to buy a new PJ just yet, but would like to get ideas for a full 1080p under $2,000. Under $1,500 would be great.

I'm not sure about DLP since I can't find too many around here to view to see if RBE is going to be an issue.

Epson sounds like they have some issues with lamps burning out and some other items.

We use the theater for movies, TV (DircTV HD) and PS3/Xbox360 games.

Thanks for any input.
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