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Hi all,

I am somewhat of a newbie, but I had pretty much decided to get the Samsung 5687W based on a little research. However, late today I stumbled on a deal at my local Costco on this JVC and I am curious to get other's opinion on it. Costco sells this TV normally for $1800, but they have one they are selling for $1500 because it is out of the box. I talked the Costco guy who works the TV area and he said it wasn't a return, but that they accidentally opened 2 of these models and are discounting it because of the open box. I figure I am covered because of Costco's return policy. I could get the Samsung through Amazon for about $1675, but then would have to buy a stand (Costco TVs include stands for their projections) and extended warranty that would push me up to around $2100. Then again, the Samsung could drop a little in price too after the Super Bowl.

I am curious to hear your opinion of this TV compared to the Samsung and is it worth it to save the $500 or so and have the Costco return guarantee in my back pocket as well. I am heading out of town late tomorrow night and I need to pull the trigger on the JVC tomorrow if I want to do it.

Thanks for your advice in advance!
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