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We just moved into a new house and my options for cable are Grande, Direct TV, Dish, and TWC. Well I went with TWC and I have had it for about a month and have been regretting it ever since. Here is a rundown of my experience with TWC:

- 2 weeks for installation to take place

- When installer came they had the order screwed up, I wanted 2 separate DVR's and a regular box. The tech shows up with 1 dvr and 2 regular boxes. So off to the TWC store the next day to exchange one of the regular boxes for a DVR.

- On the first day the original (living room)DVR will not work. I call and get them to ping it, and I am told that it could take a day for it to start working. A day later I called them back, due to the fact I couldn't get HD or on Demand. They tell me the (living room)DVR is bad so off to TWC store to get a new one, I am told it would be a week before they could get a tech out to replace it. I scheduled the tech because I had a gut feeling I would run into more problems before the week was out.

-I get new (living room)cable box home and it is not working, so call and they ping it again and I am told it may take a day, so next day still no joy. So off to the store for a new one, if you are counting this is my 3rd trip to the TWC offices to get cable boxes. This trip takes me about 45 min each way.

-I get this cable box home and automatically call TWC and have them ping the box, why is it you have to do this every time you get anything new or added to TWC I will never know. Nothing in this company is plug and play. This (living room)box worked for HD, finally something is working right. Not so fast, the DVR doesn't work now.

-Saturday rolls around and another tech comes to the house and I explain to him what is going on with the (living room)cable box and he tells me that they are having a lot of trouble with the latest gen of boxes, and asks if I would mind an older box. I tell him if it works I don't care if it was the first one ever made. So he installs the new box and the living room cable box is working.

-Now for the DVR box in my home theater I picked up that was a replacement for the regular cable box. This DVR works well for everything except on demand. When watching Game of Thrones On Demand freezes, goes black and about a minute later resumes. And occasionally I get unable to connect if this problem persistsblahblahblah. I haven't done anything about this because I am tired of dealing with TWC.

So if you have gotten this far, I thank you for reading this, and if you share my grief I am sorry for you. What should I do, cancel and pick up Direct TV? I like TWC internet, but the rest, I am ready to throw in the trash. Any help would be appreciated. Any recourse I have for these problems against TWC?


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