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Time Warner Charlotte up with HDTV

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Time Warner Charlotte has started providing HDTV programming. I received my STB on April 18th. It's a SA 3100HD, component analog outputs for HD plus SVIDEO and composite for NTSC.

Currently the system is carrying the local PBS, NBC and CBS stations. This is at no cost. They are also carrying HBO HD and Showtime HD at no cost if you have a package that includes HBO or Showtime.

Performance seems fine. No funny glitches so far. The image is surprisingly seamless on my XGA NEC VT540 LCD projector. The PBS programing is especially impressive.

Time Warner is not actively promoting HDTV yet. The HDTV channels are not even on their program guide unless you have the HD STB. In searching their WEB site, I found a lineup page listing that showed their HD lineup. If you call and ask, they will install a new STB. They are still spending most of their time promoting Digital Cable.

This is also surprisingly good. It appears to approach DVD quality depending upon the particular channel. For some curious reason, their PPV channels don't seem to have the quality of most others even though they are digital on the cable system. I am suspicious that not all providers are providing a nice clean NTSC feed.

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Glad to see HD in Charlotte! I've been on TWC-Raleigh HD since 10/01 and have a SA HD STB. I believe it is model # 2000. It sometimes is kind of moody, so I may try to get a new box. I've heard they have changed models since I got mine.

The PBS loop is the best quality. There are some segments that show scenes of Europe that are awesome. I believe these are filmed in actual 1080i format, so you get to see the real deal. WRAL, the CBS affiliate here in Raleigh, also shows some local programming in 1080i. The other local stations looked to be upconverted, along with HBO and Showtime. It's about the same as DVD quality, which is fine with me. However, both HBO and Showtime HD have plenty of programming that is not in the 16:9 format, so even though they claim it to be a HD station, it is not that way 24/7.

The few sporting events that are broadcast in HD are also good. I enjoyed the Superbowl, NCAA Tournament, and Masters recently in high-def. I've heard that Discovery is starting a HD channel on 5/15, but I haven't seen anything about if TWC will be carrying it.

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We are still waiting for FOX and ABC here. No word on if that will happen. I sure hope they pick up the new Discovery HD and HDNET later this summer. HDNET is giving away there single for free. I hope TWC can get at least the free HD channel, but then again we are still waiting for FOX and ABC.

Also channel 230 is another PBSHD Channel. They only show HD stuff once in awhile and in the evening. I have only caught an HD show on their once.

- Scott
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