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Timeslipping with Dolby Digital or DTS

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I'm really disappoited. I first get completely hooked on timeslipping. THEN I discover the "joys" of surround sound when I rigged my first HT system.

So it looks like there is no way to record DD or DTS from the posts that I have searched???

One would think with 24 bit/192kHz sound cards, there would be enough bandwidth and depth to capture the digital surround stream.

Is there any hope to be able to do this? Not being able to record DD is one thing, but not being able to do Timeslip DD is .... sort of..... like.... torture....


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You need to tell more.

I can do TVonDemand (TiVo-like time-shifting) with my ATi MMC s/w which does capture DD audio when the OTA affiliate is sending it. I KNOW I can record in DD and playback later, but you bring up an interesting point about if the TVoD does. My guess is YES since it's being preserved in the MPEG-2 recording. Besides, where are you getting a DTS audio track... from a DVD?

I was thinking that OTA would work since it is all part of the "RF" signal.

The issue appears to be when the source consists of separate video and sound connection.

As far as DTS goes, I have no idea what is available OTA or thru cable or dish. I guess I was going by the assumption that if it exists, it is probably present somewhere.

I still find it hard to believe that a quality sound card with 24bit/196kHz SPDIF inputs can't handle any digital audio stream.
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It works with HD because you're capturing the whole transport stream (MPEG video and AC3 audio) as a unit. However there is no software that will record AC3 via an S/PDIF input simultaneously with video. It is possible to caputure AC3 from an external source, however it is a rather involved process:
Stranger89, wow, that doom9 URL is very interesting!

They do cover getting the .AC3 signal but don't get into combining that with a video file - probably because "everyone" knows how to do that!
You didn't answer my question: what ARE you trying to record that has video and an unrelated DTS soundtrack? There is s/w for DVD authoring, and Timeshifting OTA, what are you trying to do? Or are you just fishing?

Yes, from what I can tell, OTA incorporates the digital audio so that is not a problem as far as I can tell. For instance, I think all you need for a Linux box is a pcHDTVâ„¢ HD-3000 Hi Definition Television Card and a sound card with SPDIF out put.

As far as Video + DTS, well, if it exists, I would expect it to "show up" eventually. (I get the impression that DTS is not used in OTA, cable and satellite TV?)

However, I'm more concerned about set top boxes such as cable and satellite. My theory is that MAYBE, some of these companies may rely on the Broadcast Flag to determine what I can do with the signal. So for that case, I want to build this box WHILE I can buy components that ignore BF.

The desired input would probably be Component Video and SPDIF.
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Here are some guys trying to capture Laserdisc AC3 to Xfer to DVD. Sounds like a do-able edit job, however, timeslip still not facilitated.

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