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I'm moving into the kids toy room and moving them in to a bigger room. Their toy room is a room that was added in later on and has a brick wall between it and the rest of the house so I'm thinking this will help with isolating my setup from annoying everyone else at home.

Anyway here is my setup and room dimensions.

Polk rti a5s front

Fxi a 6 rear

Csi a4 center

SVS pb13 ultra sub

Denon x4000 avr

50 inch tv

Room is 7' 3"h

7'6" wide


What kind of troubles should I expect from a room with this dimensions. I'm coming from a much larger room but I had a deadly 30db null in the 60hz range in it that really hurt music and couldn't get out of it.

Should I try and place my setup against the short wall? This wouldn't give me much space between speakers

Or should I out it against a long wall? This would put me sitting right against a wall

I know subs should be placed a little off a wall, is this the same with floor standing speakers? How far is the minimum from a side wall and front wall and what are the advantages of each?

I'm also going to use a folding door for the room. Any ideas on how to soundproof it would be great. A normal door won't work. It will have to be some sort of folding type.

I would appreciate any help to get he started in the right place. The current room it's in has driven me nuts trying to get decent bass.

One huge advantage of the new room is there are no worries about looks. It's strictly going to be sound oriented. I couldn't care less about what it looks like. It's out of site and no one ever goes in that room that visits and if they do it will be people who think the acoustic treatments are interesting if I end up using sone.
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