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Titling Home Movies

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I have posted this before but I still have not found the answer.

I have old home movies in various formats and I want to put them on dvds.

I have two standalone dvd recorders (with hds) that can digitize them.

One is a 3 year old Panny and one is a new Philips. Both can put titles on tracks but it is very laborious since you are not using a keyboard.

What I am thinking is to make the dvd on the standalone and then redoing the track titles on my computer that has a dvd recorder (unfortunately I don't have a video card with encoderso that is why I am using the standalones to do that work).

I tried taking a dvd made with a standalone and inputing the tracks on my computer and renaming the tracks using Nero 6.

Nero 6 tends to have big pictures on the menus it creates. My renaming was so small on the screen that it was not legible. Maybe there is another way to get Nero 6 to make a different kind of menu. I would like to get rid of the pictures and just have the names (which describe the content). That is what the standalones do but again naming them on the standalones is a pain.

Any suggestions on how to do this easier? Maybe with different software.

Too bad you can't plug a keyboard into a standalone.
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