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I have just purchased a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player to use in my motorhome since I do not have internet access for streaming purposes.   My plan is to hook up the player directly to the TV and carry movies back and forth on an external HD.


I also would like to take my tivo recordings with me.  I have done this in the past by moving the recordings from my Tivo to my Mac using Tivo TV Transfer and then burning onto disk using Toast Titanium.  My preference is to try to eliminate the disks altogether and try to add them to the external HD with my other movie recordings.  I sometimes am in the motorhome for 2 weeks at a time so there maybe as many as 20 Tivo shows that I would want to bring with me.


This is where I get completely lost.  I am getting the gist that I cannot simply play the .tivo files from my HD on WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, that they need to be encoded (?) into a different format.   I tried using the latest version of Handbrake but it just immediately crashes.  


Can someone please help me with this?  After I transfer from my Tivo Series 2 to my home Mac computer, what do I need to do or what software do I need in order to use the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player 


I do have to apologize if this has been asked a zillion times.  I tried searching the forum but due to cognitive function medical issues I was overwhelmed by the number of pages in the WD TV Live Streaming thread.


Thanks in advance!



Mac OSX 10.6.8

Tivo TV Transfer

Toast Titanium 10

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What you want to do is simple on a PC -- I have no clue what to do on a Mac.

The .tivo files do not have to be converted. You just have to remove the proprietary .tivo wrapper that contains all the meta data. The underlying file is a standard MPEG-2 encoded video. On a PC you would use the free utility "kmttg" to both download the recording from the TiVo to your HDD and strip off the wrapper, leaving you with a recording.mpg file that can be played on the Live-SMP without issue.

Perhaps Toast Titanium can write it's output to a file instead of burning a disk.
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