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Hello all,

I'm using DVArchive and a linksys 5 port switch to DL shows I've saved

on my 5040 to my PC. I noticed sometimes I could only DL shows

at speeds of around 275-350, very slow. It took about 2 hours

for a medium quality 2hr movie to finish. I did however receive shows

at 580-600, cutting the time in half! Believe it or not, turning off the

PVR fixed the problem. I've tested it, slows down when on, not when


I want to make the shows I've DL into SVCDs.

I use DVD2AVI to save project, and load the d2v file into Tmpgenc.

(Thanks to others on this forum for this method!!!!!)

This is where things had been going wrong, when I loaded the

mpa file...BLAM crash!!! Tmpg gets some type of memory error.

The way around this is to get winamp, and a simple wav write

plugin. convert the mpa into wav and load into Tmpg.

No more crashing at all.

Go to source...bla bla Time offset, you know the drill.
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