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I know there are a couple comparison threads but most are relatively old. With updates, things might have changed.

Anyways, which would you go with for a Xonar?

Btw, I am opting for upgrading TMT3 because of the WMC plugin.

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The Xonar HDAV only works with the ASUS version of the TMT3 software. At least that is my understanding.

Things could have changed with all this bitstreaming explosion recently, but I think the HDAV is a proprietary solution.

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Originally Posted by Pyrophoric /forum/post/18215624

You mean for bitstreaming or in general? In general, the card worked fine in PowerDVD 9 but I didn't check bitstreaming.

Actually as of TMT3 retail version .170 pretty much completely supports Xonar HDAV both in analog and digital modes. No down-sampling of audio; 24bit not 16.

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