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I have been configuring my 7MC and MPC for a couple of weeks now. Applied the Win7shark codecs for 7MC and FFshow for the classic media player.

When sampling the THX_Life demo (MP4), MPC seems a bit more brilliant in terms of audio compared to 7MC.

So I then sampled the TMT3 trial with the same video at 50% volume in the TMT3 media player (same as the WMP's) and there was a VERY noticeable difference. Seemed to be at least 30% louder.

Maybe I don't have the WMP's configured exactly right. I used the "Windows 7 Media Center : Setup Guide, Knowledge Base & Support" to set these items up.

I realize that TMT3 is mainly for blu-ray, but wondering if it has the best overall audio playback for movies.

How do these media players compare in your experiences with non blu-ray?

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MP4 = mainly AAC, an atypical audio format.

Non Blu-ray is just too broad to say something about a media player to play with.
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