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Been ripping my Blu-rays with DVDfab and playing back in TMT5 for about 8 months now with no issues. I was recently prompted for the newest release/patch of TMT5. Installed the update and now it freezes every 30 seconds during playback. However, the same files are fine in media player classic (FREE).

At first I thought it was the newest update to DVDfab or an OS issue. So I restored my OS from a complete partition backup from months ago. Older blu-rays that I ripped play fine, but the new ones keep freezing with or without TMT's newest patch.

All hardware looks good, new os install, running older version of DVDfab that worked with TMT5 - but still the freezing. It's been 2 weeks and I'm ready to punt. Original disc (Your Highness) also not playing in TMT5.

Anyone else having these issues?
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