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To buy AV receiver or speakers?

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Right now I only have 500$ to spend.

My system Is this one


Instead of those Subs I replace them with one (1) JBL S120P II

I am sending the audio via analog to the receiver and let me pc decode the formats, in that way I can eq my speakers in the thx control panel

this receiver does not have any room control or bass management or any crossover. Messing up with the thx control panel and ffdshow audio decoder I manage to make this system sounds much better, In movies I like the how it sounds but I know the is more. When listening music with all chs driven (multistereo)

I think the amplifier is doing what you call clipping (lets explain it, with high vol if I listen only the fronts, sounds good, but when I listen all channels starts to sound ugly (distortion)

So right now I am on a dilemma

I want to buy the speakers

Fronts-2 Infinity Primus P253BK

Center-1 Infinity Primus PC251BK

Soundrounds-2 The Infinity Primus P143BK

Or buy this receiver

Denon AVR2112CI

Which one of those options will I see more improvement, The amplifiers clipping is not something that annoys me alot bc it happens only at so high vol ( example, the receiver vol reach 70, it starts to happen when I put it at 60)

Will I see more improvement with the audyssey(receiver in general? or the speakers will make the sound better?
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Hello, 1 day and nobody?
You're generally always going to be better served upgrading speakers, however, unless someone is familiar with the Sony HTIB speakers vs. the Infinity speakers, it would be hard to tell if there would be any real improvement. Upgrading to an Audyssey AVR (2112) will also generally provide some improvement. If you need to upgrade to an HDMI capable AVR, the 2112 would be a good way to go.
Actually right now I have an onkyo 807 the one with the problem of the hdmi card, Is from an friend who borrow it to me to test that. I cant test the audyssey bc he lost the micro (WTxxx) but averall better sound bc of the crossover fot the small soundround spks I have and not clipping at all. but not impressed I think I will have much improvement with the infinity primus bc of high sensivity (90db+), I highgly doubt this HTIB speakers has more than 85db at max.

Also I want to connect the receiver with my video card in HDMI I will pass the creative sound card and I dont want that.
Note that the sensitivity of the speaker 85db vs. 90db has little to do with the quality of audio, simply only that it takes less power to power a 90db speaker than an 85db speaker. Also the Denon 2112CI has a higher version of Audyssey MultEQ XT that uses 8x more speaker filters than does MultEQ in the 807. The ACM-1H mic can easily be purchased on line at eBay or directly from Onkyo for about $25.
Actually I live in Vzla, so its hard for me to buy, I know high sensivity in speakers means that with less watts It can play louder, The audio quality overall its better for the settings of the receiver I pass trough the creative sound card and with this receiver I can notice I dont need a dedicated sound card, Also its sounds louder bc this amplifiers it not clipping but the audio quality mayhbe the horn tweeters of this speakers I dont now, I can notice that bc I have a NHT SC1 Center Spk and its sounds beatifull compare to the ones of the HTIB. Thats why I think I will have much improvement buying Spks tham receiver.

Thats my thought, What do you guys think?
Actually I have pass al day testing and what It really changes is that I can play it louder bc of the crossover and sound a litle much better but audio quality in general is the same
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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