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to plasma or not to.....newb help please

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Hey guys, i really want to get a plasma, but please talk me out of getting it if lcd would be more practical for me.

Main use is gaming, i play up to 5-6hours at a time, and i am very scared of screen burn, because of this, im thinking of getting a lcd rear pro sony kfe42a10.

Other use,browsing the internet, and using my display as a pc, so taskbar etc could burn in as well, espescially if browsing etc.....as the bottom trays always there???

then theres movies, only hd so im not too concerned aboutsd quality.

Besides all of this, please tell me what you guys think of the philips 9966 series plasma, hd version that is, over here in new zealand, we have an updated version which is 9966/79,with 1024x768p and ambilight /pixel plus 2

heres the link to what i want:


please have a look and compare to the version you guys have, i think its a revised one.

Anyway ive seen hd on this set, and its beutiful, sd was no great at all though, but that alright,as i willbe using x360 on it, and also only hd movies etc....

For those with the sets, how can i go into service menu?,what can i adjust in service menu, and will i be able to achieve 1:1 pixel mapping on this set with no overscan?, as i have an htpc.........i dont seem to find much info with these sets!

please help a newb who wants a plasma, should i be scared of burnin for what im doing?
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As owner of two plasmas, I would suggest an LCD for your situation. While burn in is not a big risk for most plasma owners, 4-5 hours of continuous gaming on a regular basis would qualify as extreme abuse for a plasma. Download some of the plasma owner's guides and look at the disclaimers for damage resulting from static images.
Are you going to be using it mostly for PC? i.e. PC gaming, PC web browsing, etc. If that's the case be sure to get one that has PC input(VGA).
Get LCD, 4-5 hours per day of static image is too much for the plasma.
LCD would also be my recommendation. IMHO plasma is not the best choice for your application.
I am also considering a Plasma or LCD. Does everyone purchase the 3 or 5 year protection plan? Between 4400 and $700.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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