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Looking for input on using a toggle switch to disable outdoor speakers.

Using a Sonos Connect Amp to power 2 Niles PS6SI stereo input planter speakers. One will be on the front porch and the other on the back deck. Both speakers will be connected to the same Connect Amp, goal is light background music on the decks.

In actual use we are either in the front or back, not often both. To be neighbor friendly I would like to power off the speaker not in use. My thought is to mount a DPST toggle switch on each planter (on the back near bottom) to break continuity in each of the two channels effectively turning off the speaker.

I have seen different opinions on the type of toggle switch, some folks recommend a heavy duty 20A type switch and others smaller 3/6A switches. Seems there is some concern on the resistance that the switch adds.

This is what I was planning to try but would love feedback from anyone who has tried this type of approach.


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