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Too Big (Q)

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Quick question for u guys. I have a 96" (diag) 16x9 screen which is just right for our apartment, not too big not too small. Well I was wondering ur opinion on what size u guys think would be appropriate if i were to move up to a scope screen?

I would like too go as big as possible without going too big.


Front wall: 157.5 x 96"

Throw distance: 150.5"

Primary seating: 144"

PJ TR: 1.89
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Since you really like your current 16:9 movie size, then stay with the same height for 2.35. My screen size calculator tells me that at 96" diagonal your current 16:9 screen is around 47" high. So running the numbers for a 2.35 screen, a 47" high 2.35 screen will be 110" wide and 120" diagonal.

According to some of the visual experts, people are more sensitive to vertical screen height size than the horizontal width.

My 2.35 screen is 126" diagonal and I'm sitting at 12 feet away. I really like the size, but I don't think I would want it any bigger.
mlbrand is right...

awesome, thanks guys!

yeah i was worried about a bigger screen being too wide. But at the same time if i kept the width the same I would have a screen that was no bigger then how i watch 235.1 content right now.
Seating distance at 1.1x-1.4x 2.35 screen width is the right size for just about everyone.
There's no such thing as "too big"

Well, unless you're so close that the pixel structure of the PJ is distracting
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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